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Signs & Symptoms Your Dog Has an ACL Injury

By madwire / March 20, 2017

Do you think one of your dog’s legs has gone lame? Has your pooch torn or ruptured their CCL, or cranial cruciate ligament (which is similar to the ACL in humans)? In more detail, the CCL is what connects the bone right about your dog’s knee (the femur), to the front of the bone below…

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Dogs Can Have Allergies Too!

By madwire / February 24, 2017

There’s no doubt about it; your dog is your best friend and you want the very best for them. And, just like people, there are allergy seasons for dogs too. Dogs will show allergic reaction symptoms just like humans when their immune systems recognize that an allergen or substance is dangerous to their body. Obviously,…

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The Most Common Pet Emergencies

By madwire / January 10, 2017

When it comes to your pet, there’s nothing you won’t do to make sure they’re comfortable, happy and healthy. Your pet, whether that’s a dog or cat, deserves to live a life that’s loving and exciting, but if your pet has come down with an illness or injury, a veterinary hospital may be exactly what…

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How to Make Halloween Safer for Your Pet Part 2

By madwire / October 25, 2016

Protect your pet on Halloween night with safety tips from Sun Valley Animal Center, your go-to animal hospital. Halloween is such a fun holiday. You get to enjoy spooky fun, candy and costumes, but it’s not always a safe holiday for our pets. At Sun Valley Animal Center, we are dedicated to keeping your pet…

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How to Help Your Cat Lose Weight

By madwire / September 25, 2016

Cats who are overweight or obese are at risk for many health concerns, but there are lots of ways to help your cat lose weight. Cats, much like people, often deal with weight control issues. Unlike people, however, cats are not in control of what or how much they eat, and many of them aren’t…

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Mistakes That Could Put Your Dog in Danger Part 2

By madwire / August 25, 2016

There are many mistakes unknowingly made by dog owners that put their dogs at risk for injuries. As a dog owner, your goal is to keep your dog safe and healthy, but there are many small mistakes that could do the opposite. Unfortunately, many of the mistakes that could put your dog at risk for…

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Tips to Lower Your Cat’s Risk for Emergency Surgery Part 2

By madwire / July 25, 2016

Cats are at risk for many conditions that may require surgery, but you can lower your cat’s risk. There’s nothing scarier than having to subject your furry friend to surgery, but unfortunately, there are many conditions that could lead to emergency surgery. Luckily, our veterinary hospital is here to help. In our last blog, we…

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Tips to Lower Your Dog’s Risk for Emergency Surgery Part 2

By madwire / June 25, 2016

Emergency surgery can be traumatic for dogs and owners alike, but in many circumstances, it is preventable. If your furry friend has ever had to have emergency surgery, you already know how scary and expensive the entire process can be. We are Sun Valley Animal Center, a world-renown veterinary hospital that serves Boise, Salt Lake City,…

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Common Myths About Pet Surgery Part 2

By madwire / May 25, 2016

When it comes to pet surgery, there are many myths that you need to stop believing.  Most pet owners will have to to send their pet to the animal hospital for pet surgery at some point or another, and that’s why, here at Sun Valley Animal Center, we’ve set out to give you the truth…

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How do You Know if Your Cat is Sick? Part 2

By madwire / April 25, 2016

Does your cat need to go to a veterinary hospital? As a cat owner, you probably know that cats can be incredibly stoic, and they don’t always  make it obvious that they are sick and in need of the vet. That’s why, in our last blog, we went over several warning signs that your furry…

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We Offer a Wide variety of Diagnostic and surgical procedures


We Offer a Wide variety of Diagnostic and surgical procedures

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