New Canine Laser Therapy Reduces Pain & Speeds Recovery

Sun Valley Animal Center’s new Class IV Therapy Laser is the hospital’s latest tool to enhance patient recuperation following surgery and to treat chronic arthritis and acute injury conditions.

This safe, non-invasive procedure does not require sedation and allows for faster wound healing and over-all recovery.It is considered new technology in the U.S. with acceptance being rapid on the human side in rehabilitation, wound care and sports medicine. Likewise, in veterinary medicine, treatment has quickly developed with significant results.

Any post-surgical pet presenting with pain, inflammation or healing tissue is a candidate for laser therapy. In a matter of three to six post surgical treatments inflammation is reduced, pain is reduced, healing and cell growth is accelerated, scar tissue formation is minimized and nerve cells are regenerated more rapidly. The final result is a faster return from trauma to normal function and faster post-surgical healing.

This new procedure joins the practice of acupuncture to set the foundation for a full service Physical Therapy Unit at Sun Valley Animal Center. The next step will be the installation of an under water treadmill for non-weight bearing post surgical rehabilitation for orthopedic patients. This therapy also will be used for musculo-skeletal disease and for arthritic and overweight patients.

Directing the Sun Valley Animal Center Physical Therapy Unit will be Heidi Woog, DVM and Maggie Acker, DVM. They will both continue advance studies in physical therapy and its comprehensive applications early next summer.

Canine Laser Therapy