More pets and livestock become lost on Independence Day than any other day of the year.

Taking a pro-active approach to alleviating the anxiety associated with this loud holiday could prevent a tragedy.

The “flight” response – running away from the noise – is a dog’s natural survival mechanism. Blocking the noise with canine-safe ear plugs or turning on familiar household appliances such as the vacuum or dryer can help block the sound.

If your dog seeks its own “safe spot” under the bed or in a kennel, leave him alone instead of trying to coax him out.

Also, be aware of your own emotional state. Your dog will feed on your anxiety and/or negative emotions. Remain calm.

A comforting body wrap or over the counter remedies also may be helpful. And, of course keep your dog on a leash outside.

If you think your pet – cat or dog – has an extreme fear of fireworks, call us to discuss anti-anxiety medications that will help your pet get through the day.