Unlike your cat, your dog would probably jump at the chance to go to a lake or stream with you this summer.

Some common sense is a good thing to take along with you.

Read and obey all warning signs. “Do Not Swim,” applies to your dog as well as you.

Make sure your dog actually can swim. Some are afraid of water so start off in a controlled environment. Flat-nosed dogs have a harder time breathing in water and older and overweight dogs may tire more easily.

Stay away from any water that smells, is discolored or is known to be contaminated by  farm activity or municipal sewage.

To avoid hypothermia, remember that if the water is too cold for you, it is too cold for your dog.

Also, don’t allow arthritic pets to over do it. Swimming is an excellent exercise, but too much of a good thing  can result in pain.

If you happen to be in a situation where you should wear a life vest, it’s a good idea to have a properly fitted vest for your dog as well.

And finally, after a fun day in the sun and water, give your dog a bath with a mild pet shampoo.

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