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Ketchum, ID, Aug. 10, 2012

Dr. Randy Acker of Sun Valley Animal Center was the recipient of the 2012 Royal Canin Award at the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Annual Convention held in San Diego, CA this week. The award, recognizing “work in either clinical research or basic sciences…contributing significantly to the advancement of the field,” was received at the Excellence in Veterinary Medicine Awards and President’s luncheon.

Dr. Acker’s extensive work in canine orthopedic surgery includes the development of a cementless elbow prosthesis, the TATE Elbow System to alleviate debilitating elbow arthritis in dogs.

Dr. Acker teamed up with BioMedtrix, a leader in design and manufacture of veterinary orthopedic implants to produce this new total arthroplasty of the elbow. Dr. Acker’s interest in orthopedics has led him to two patents and invitations to lecture and instruct KYON THR (Total Hip Replacement) and TATE elbow courses worldwide.
Next on his lecture tour will be the KYON THR Practicum, Zurich Cementless THR Oct. 4-5 at the Oquendo Center in Las Vegas, NV.


Lily’s New Hip – watch the video

Joint Replacements Keep Dogs in the Running, New York Times —January 17, 2011
Veterinarians are replacing hips, elbows and knees in dogs big and small, allowing them to prolong their athletic careers.

Put Pep Back Into Your Pet’s Step, Science Insider — June, 2009
A new surgery can put the pep back into your pet’s step.

Grand Rapids Dog’s Surgery For Artificial Elbow Has Potential For Humans, Grand Rapids News — December 1, 2008
Jake the dog is somewhat of a celebrity in the veterinary world.

Best Paw Forward, The State News – November 10, 2008
MSU helps dogs with joint replacement; one of first institutions to put new technique to use

Innovative Surgery Provides New Lease On Life To Dogs, Science Daily — November 14, 2008
Only six months after undergoing a unique and innovative surgery at Michigan State University, Jake – part dog and now part machine – spends his time working out on an underwater treadmill, traversing obstacle courses and prancing around pain free.

Amazing Surgery, Best Friends Guardian Angel — June 18, 2008

New Elbow Prosthesis Available At VTH, Michigan State University — April, 2008
Starting in April 2008, the CVM became one of the first four institutions in the country to offer a new cementless elbow prosthesis (TATE Elbow™ System from BioMedtrix) for the treatment of intractable canine elbow arthritis.

Tate Elbow Courses Well Received, BioMedtrix – April, 2008
The first two TATE Elbow™ Arthroplasty workshops, held February 8–9 and April 26–27 have been praised as intense, challenging, and successful.

BioMedtrix Announces New Canine Elbow, BioMedtrix – March 7, 2008
A new canine elbow replacement system shows promise of wide acceptance by veterinary surgeons, by combining ease of implantation with minimal trauma to the patient.

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