They are large, round and slow – perfect prey for your dog accompanying you on your early dawn or dusk hike.
And, when your dog bites into a porcupine, all he gets in return is a face-full of pain.
What do do?
Not the time to take matters into your own hands. This is a job for your vet.
Porcupine quills are so good at penetrating the skin and then remaining in place, that they have actually inspired a new type of hypodermic needle.
It’s the backward facing barbs on the ends of the quills that prohibit you from successfully backing them out of your dog’s face. And, pulling further complicates matter because this can bury surrounding imbedded quills.
We remove the quills, watch for those that can migrate into deeper tissue, which could require surgery, and prescribe antibiotics and pain medication if applicable.
Better yet, let’s hope you avoid encounters with our third largest rodent!