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Total Hip Replacement

KYON post-surgery x-ray

In Total Hip Replacement (THR) in dogs, two types of surgical systems are utilized – cemented and cementless.

In the cemented technique, bone cement is relied on to provide fixation of the prothesis to the femur bone.

In the cementless system, KYON (Greek for dog), fixation is achieved by bone in-growth. This cementless rigid fixation of the femoral component is complemented by in-growth from the adjacent bone. This state of the art surgical procedure was developed in Zurich, Switzerland by Slobodan Tepic, Dr. Sci., School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zurich.

The surgery is performed here at the Sun Valley Animal Center by Dr. Randy Acker. Dr. Acker is certified to instruct Total Hip Replacement (THR) courses by the Registry of Approved Continuing Education, (RACE) program of the American Association of Veterinary State Boards, (AAVSB).

The KYON total hip replacement prothesis for dogs, (locking plate and screw system) has shown clear biologic advantages, providing a more rigid stabilization, bone growth into the implant, improving long-term stability and a quicker recovery.

Micro Hip Replacement

Six years of clinical development and five years of broad clinical use with 3,000 cases, including a four-year multi-center clinical study, lend solid support for this new concept of Total Hip Replacement anchorage. One hundred veterinary surgeons worldwide, 50 of which are in the U.S. are now performing this procedure.

Until recently Total Hip Replacement (THR) was only available for large breed dogs such as labs. Now, through systems developed by BioMedtrix, two new procedures make this prosthesis available to smaller breeds.

The CFX Micro Hip System is now available for breeds such as Jack Russells and French Bulldogs, while the CFX Nano Hip System is designed for smaller dogs such as Pomeranians, Yorkshire Terriers (and even cats).
Dr. Randy Acker is now performing both of these procedures as well as THR for larger dogs.


Snow Leopard “Panja”

Under the care of Dr. Rhonda Aliah, veterinarian for the Tautphaus Park Zoo in Idaho Falls, ID, Panja, a six-year-old snow leopard arrived at the Sun Valley Animal Center on the morning of December 15 at 10 am for a Total Hip Replacement.

The 94-pound cat suffered from hip dysplasia, making him an excellent candidate for THR to relieve his arthritic pain. Orthopedic veterinary surgeon, Dr. Randy Acker performed the surgery much like he has on countless Labradors, golden retrievers and even other exotic animals.

What did not follow the usual protocol was the detection of a malignant tumor the size of a lemon.Now the prognosis would change for this rare and endangered animal. Dr. Acker successfully performed the hip replacement and also removed  as much of the tumor as possible, hopefully buying Panja the time he needs to reach his next breeding season this spring – vital for  this endangered species.

And, thankfully for the team that surrounded Panja, he will live out his days pain free. Special thanks goes to BioMedtrix who donated the titanium implant.

To learn more about this secretive and rare cat, native to the high rocky mountain ranges of south and central Asia -  and what conservation efforts are taking place on their behalf in zoos and in the wild, visit

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