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TATE™ Canine Elbow Surgery

Dog Elbow Surgery Reduces Patient Trauma

Canine TATE Elbow™ System developed by the Sun Valley Animal Center medical director and owner Randy Acker, DVM, combines ease of implantation with minimal trauma to the patient.

BioMedtrix, a leader in the design and manufacture of veterinary orthopedic implants has teamed up with Dr. Acker and produced this new total arthroplasty of the elbow, the TATE Elbow™. This new system is a minimally-invasive resurfacing arthroplasty with milling based on the axis of the center of rotation.

Video courtesy of Michigan State University

The goal in designing the new canine elbow was to “produce an elbow replacement system that would be accepted and used by veterinary surgeons,” Dr. Acker said. “Comparable to that of a total hip replacement operation, it was our thought that surgical ease, low morbidity and a low complication rate were essential for the success of the TATE system.”

Today, the surgery can be completed in two hours with an 8-12 week restorative period for the patient’s full functional recovery.

Teaching courses on use of the TATE Elbow™ are now available and expanding throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Ten years in development, the impetus for the TATE Elbow™ was Dr. Acker’s own yellow Labrador retriever, Tate. Tate developed severe elbow dysplasia and while Dr. Acker tried the common treatments of injections, arthroscopic surgery, acupuncture and pain medication, the outcome was unsuccessful. Ultimately, the TATE Elbow™ System became the eventual result.

Dr. Acker is now performing the TATE Elbow™ Replacement System routinely at the Sun Valley Animal Center. For additional information or to make an appointment contact Denise Young CVT, practice manager, 208-726-7777 or e-mail

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